GLDF – Global Lighting Data Format

GLDF is an open, free format that can be used across the entire lighting industry and meets the latest BIM process requirements. Manufacturers, planners and even software manufacturers can benefit from this new format.

Structure and content of the GLDF

The GLDF covers a wide array of data types, spanning from commercial and individual information to parametric data. This integration facilitates collaboration across diverse fields and enables more comprehensive analysis and decision-making processes.


With this free tool, you can check the data contained in your GLDF file. You can analyse the fill level of the native GLDF properties and compare what kind of application it supports.


More about the Global Lighting Data Format

The website contains a description of the latest version of the format as well as tools, s ample files and the opportunity to enter suggestions and comments. It  is operated jointly by the two companies DIAL and RELUX.

GLDF demo package

In our GLDF demo package, you will find a wide variety of GLDF files covering various applications. Direct download free of charge. 


What does GLDF include?
Commercial data
Photometric and radiometric data
BIM characteristics to CEN/TS 17623
Individual and parametric geometric data
Mapping of real product variants

RELUX and DIAL are developing and maintaining the format.  

It is not legally possible to take out a copyright on a data format, nevertheless Relux and DIAL are jointly maintaining this data and geometry format.

The GLDF XSD is published under MIT license, it remains free and open to all private and commercial usage.

The format specifications, along with sample files and libraries for both reading and writing, are freely available, complete with source codes, for use by anyone. Additionally, free reader and editor applications will be supplied to all those interested. .

Status of the GLDF format  

FUN with RELUX – Episode 14  


Technical details of GLDF

This PDF contains an article of the LICHT2023 conference proceedings with more details of GLDF. Directly download it here. 

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