RELUX – History

Professional lighting planning software since 1998.

RELUX Informatik AG, Switzerland, is an established company that has specialised in the development of lighting planning and product presentation software for more than 25 years

We are leaders when it comes to BIM solutions and participate in many national and international committees. Our longstanding experience of the market enables us to offer customer-specific developments and assist manufacturers in an advisory capacity. 

 Since 2010, we have been an independently run, family company.

This greatly influences our corporate culture, since our high quality and respectful and fair dealings with customers and employees constitutes the robust basis for our success, together with many other factors.


RELUX Timeline


It all  started in 1990 when the Regent company and Dr. Roland Greule from Steinbeis Transfer Center launched the RELUX project together .


The very  first version of RELUX has then been presented in 1993 at the ineltec fair in Basel. One year later, four luminaire manufacturers Regent, Fluora, Tulux, and BAG integrated their data into Relux and started distributing it. It required 5 floppy discs for the installation.


A few years later, the  first CD went out in 1997 .


In the year 1998,  RELUX Informatik AG has been officially founded in Basel . Its shareholders are the Regent, Fluora & Tulux companies. Markus Hegi is in charge of company management. 


In 2003 a milestone was reached as RELUX's calculation core was successfully replaced and the software became distributed for free.


After that, the software went under further development, for example with the updated ReluxProfessional in 2007 with the multicore calculation which enables rapid light calculation and significant time savings.


In 2010 the main shareholders Regent, Fluora, and Tulux sold their company shares to Markus Hegi. 

Back in  2010  in Bratislava at the Elektro Expo, Relux won the  first prize for the most innovative product  with its  ReluxTunnel.  Here in the picture below to be seen (from left to right) Pavol Hornak, Markus Hegi, and Klaus Heiss. Prof. Pavol Hornák, the founder of the Lighting Engineering Department at the Bratislava University of Technology, compared the software with actual tunnel measurements and achieved excellent results. The correctness of the calculation was a prerequisite for the price nomination.

And then ReluxSuite was made available for Windows 7. 


The first beta version of the ReluxNet search engine is exhibited at Light&Building.  


By 2013 RELUX had 15 full-time employees and worked with distributors from England, Italy, Holland, Greece, Scandinavia, Korea, Hong Kong, and South East Asia.


In 2014, the  sensNORM association is founded on the initiative of Relux.
RELUX has moved its company location to Münchenstein, Switzerland. 
ReluxSuite 2014 was made available for Windows 8 and was available on DVD for the last time.


The floor planning function and the expansion to the calculation of daylight efficiency have been features added in 2015.


In 2017 the completely revised and new software ReluxDesktop replaced ReluxSuite.


In  2018, ReluxCAD for Revit got published , marking the first product in the world to have a bidirectional interface to BIM. In the same year, as Rebecca Hegi joined the company and took over the finance, administration, and HR business fields, Relux became a family company. 


In 2019 RELUX and Dial jointly planned a new, open data format for the luminaire and sensor industry in Europe.

End of 2020 RELUX launched its ReluxThirdParty, making a clear statement in the lighting industry. Imported luminaires from non-RELUX member manufacturers are now only displayed anonymously. By purchasing a license, anonymization is removed. 
Thus, RELUX training went digital and re-launched a series of platform-based online courses. 
Moreover, ReluxAnalyse and ReluxPIM support industry needs in a more effective way. 

In the last couple of years, the RELUX family grew by over 20%. 


In 2023, the  automation topic  is for sure  a main objective for this year under the motto "best software for intelligent lighting solutions". 

2023 marks the 25 years of Relux

New partnerships have been raised with Enscape, with the integration of the 3D realtime rendered into ReluxDesktop. 

Thus, the advanced Metaroom® 3D scanning app allows the scan results to be downloaded as ReluxDesktop file.

Revolutionise lighting planning with photorealistic visualisations thanks to the r eal-time-renderer powered by Enscape®

With the addition of the real-time renderer of Enscape, water and grass are now displayed with animation , improving the realism effect . Colors and textures can be customised individually in ReluxDesktop. 

New features to be added into Metaroom® 3D scanning app. The  Metaroom app allows you to digitise your rooms quickly and easily. Windows, furniture and objects
including light sources are detected. You receive the scan result as a ReluxDesktop file.

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