ReluxWebService enhances your website with integrated functionalities, streamlining processes and improving accessibility for both you and your customers.

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With the ReluxWebService you get 2 services in one:

Integrating an online lighting calculation tool on your website and providing your customers with the ability to download product data for CAD and BIM systems (AutoCAD, Revit) and Relux product data files (ROLFz) directly from your website.

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As a RELUX member, you continuously manage and update your product data in the RELUX database. With each update, RELUX generates additional file formats. Thanks to the ReluxWebService, your website accesses the following available formats in real-time:

  • Light distribution curves (ldt) and (ies)

  • 3D CAD files (dwg)

  • Autodesk Revit families (rfa)

  • RELUX files (rolfz)


Offer lighting calculations on your own website!

ReluxOnCalc calculates the average illuminance in lux or the number of luminaires required for a given lux value based on a selected ceiling, recessed or suspended luminaire on your website and the room parameters entered by the user.

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