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At RELUX, we place great value on trust, open communication and a strong team bond. These values are at the heart of our work culture and create a unique and positive experience of working together.



RELUX offers me the growing opportunities that I wish and values my work.



At RELUX, professionals work with a great deal of expertise, passion and helpfulness.



I really appreciate working at RELUX because each opinion counts.


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Join us in the illuminating future!

Why choose RELUX?

Innovation at its Core

Be part of a company that thrives on innovation. Our commitment to pushing boundaries in lighting technology sets us apart.

Global Impact

Contribute to projects with a global reach. Your work at Relux can influence the way the world sees and interacts with light.

Collaborative Culture

Join a team where collaboration is not just encouraged, but celebrated. We believe in the power of diverse minds coming together to create something extraordinary.

Professional Development

We invest in our people. Grow your skills and career through continuous learning opportunities, mentorship programs, and workshops.

Work-Life Balance 

At RELUX, we understand the importance of balance. Enjoy flexible work hours, remote work options, and a supportive environment that values your well-being.

Quality and Excellence

Join a company dedicated to delivering the highest quality in all our products and services. At RELUX, we have a passion for excellence that drives us to achieve significant innovations.

Our work oase in Switzerland

Current openings

Join us in the illuminating future!