Add-on for ReluxDesktop

Software for the rapid and efficient planning of lighting in tunnel projects. Plan the adaptation lighting for your tunnel project in just a few steps in compliance with the relevant standards. 



What does the software offer?

Market-leading tunnel lighting planning software

Carry out your planning simply and efficiently with the "ReluxTunnel" add-on for ReluxDesktop. Relux software provides a broad range of calculation values in compliance with the standards for determining and calculating the adaptation lighting .

Draw up tunnel calculations based on the current standards. The application will position your luminaires automatically using the specifications and values you enter, thus ensuring compliance with the standards. Various switching and dimming groups permit profiles for tunnel installations.

Plan the adaptation lighting for your tunnel project


What sets ReluxTunnel apart?

Validated calculation results

Consideration of current standards

Automatic positioning of luminaires

Individualised luminance curve

Investment pays off after the first project

Lighting standards

ReluxDesktop covers national and international standards.
It is also possible to save your own standards in the software.

Supported standards for tunnel lighting planning

CIE 88 (2004)
CIE 189 (2010)
DIN 67524-1/2:2019|2011
VSS 40 551 1-4:2019

The practical features of the add-on

Watch the Webinar FUN with RELUX, Episode 21

In the FUN with RELUX webinar series, Robert and Klaus show how to plan a tunnel, what options you can set and what new features have been implemented.

Watch the video

Learn about the software in just a few hours

ReluxTunnel SelfStudy in English,

Example projects

  Free tutorials

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user,
watch our video tutorials on the various applications and topics.


Customer feedback


"The lighting planning of tunnel projects with RELUX software is efficient and professional. With Broll-Systemtechnik (DE), I have already planned and successfully carried out three dozen tunnel projects, both in my home country and abroad."

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Pavol Hornak
Founder of the Lighting Technology Department
of the STU FEI Bratislava (Slovakia)


"The ReluxTunnel training has been a real success. Our needs were addressed and all our questions were answered competently."

Christian Biedermann
BG Ingenieure und Berater AG

  Release notes

The software is constantly being further developed and we customise user requests to your needs.

Release notes

  System requirements

ReluxDesktop 2024.2
While using this product all functionalities of ReluxThirdParty are available.

System requirements Hardware

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