ReluxDesktop – Professional lighting and sensor planning

Standard-compliant planning and simulation of artificial light, daylight and sensors in real time. For beginners and professionals in lighting design.
Intuitive operation and simple and fast display of the calculation values.

NEW in update 2024.1: 3D real-time renderer for impressive visualisations !

Download and use free of charge.


Simple visualisation of the light calculation
and display of false colours

Impressive renderings with the 
real-time renderer in ReluxDesktop

ReluxNet – The search machine for luminaires and sensors

Are you looking for lighting solutions for your project?

ReluxNet offers a range of applications to simplify your planning process. Access product data in various formats like rlx, rfa, dwg, ldt, ies, or GLDF for lighting simulations.

Explore a vast database of products from top manufacturers. Compare and integrate products seamlessly for real-time updates.

Relux Membership 

Looking to increase your product sales as a manufacturer? Support your customers by streamlining their experience and offering digital twins of your products to enhance transparency. Simplify the planning process and expedite sales requests.

The Relux Membership offers an extensive array of services and applications that go beyond basic lighting calculations.

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