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Sensor placing/planning

Kurt Bieri

Step 1: Start a Project

When you have successfully completed the installation and open ReluxDesktop to start a project, the Sensors toolbar will appear on the screen. 

You have to select one product in Add…

Main Menu

You need first of all add a sensor from the product selection. To do this, click on Sensors and it will display a menu. Select Add…

Product Selection Sensors

It will display the product selector window.

Product selection online sens1

The product will be displayed in the menu Sensor.

Menu Sensors display

Place the sensor in the scene and after placed it select radial. See the radial characteristics moving the scene with the mouse.


Selecting tangential at the same time with radial it will show the tangential range overlapsed with radial. Follow making raster or projection of the sensor to see comparative results.

In the scene below we have rotated the sensor to Z 0  and moved the person to the ground floor having different values of radial, tangential & raster view.

Selected radial, tangential and raster view.

By selecting projection you’ll see the achieved range of the sensor.

Projection range

In the project menu Bar, you will see represented the sensor. 

With a right click of the mouse over the Sensor you can duplicate it, centre it, and access to the properties menu bar to define the position and rotation of the sensor manually.

Right click on the mouse and access to more functionalities for sensors.