Keyboard shortcuts


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Keyboard shortcuts

CTRL+Z = Undo last action
CTRL+Y = Redo last action
ESC = Cancel current command
F2 = 2D View
F3 = 3D View
CTRL+I = Zoom selection
CTRL+U = Zoom all
F8 = Floor/Scene view
Manage Objects
CTRL+C = Copy objects
CTRL+X = Cut objects
CTRL+V = Paste objects
CTRL+E = Move objects
CTRL+R = Rotate objects
CTRL+T = Scale objects
CTRL+Shift+Selected axle (X/Y) = Duplicate in the same direction

Run Calculation
F9 = Calculate
Modify room
CTRL+D = Insert point
CTRL+F = Delete point

Handle luminaires
CTRL+J = Aim luminaire
CTRL+K = Enable LVK
CTRL+Q = Raster Snap on/off
CTRL+W = Wireframe mode
CTRL = Drawing orthogonally
SPACE = Rotate while adding
SHIFT = Temporary Snap off
BACKSP. = Delete last point

Manage Project
CTRL+ N = New project 
CTRL+ S = Save project
CTRL+ O = Open project
CTRL+ P = Plot Interface