Installation and first steps


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Zonal Cavity

Kurt Bieri

For one or more manually marked rooms, the attached dialog calculates the necessary number of luminaires for a specified illuminance. 

This is the actual 'playground' for electrical or lighting planners and offers a high level of flexibility.

Zone 1:

This permits the selection of a desired luminaire type for the individual room. Checking the mean illuminance can assist in finding the appropriate luminaire type.

Zone 2:

Permits the definition of the mounting point.

Zone 3:

Contains the nominal values allocated to a room by means of the usage profile and serves as the target that the software tries to achieve automatically.

Zone 4:

Gives the planner a limited number of options as far as the automatic positioning of the luminaires is concerned.

If the Zonal Cavity applies for several rooms, after the Apply command, the next room can be reached with the Next room command, and the procedure repeated.

The first step takes in the number of luminaires required for a room and their rough positioning. 

At a subsequent point in time, this can be influenced manually in the detailed planning.

Note: Manually positioned luminaires of a different luminaire type are not included in a calculation in this dialog!