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Rotate object uniaxially

Kurt Bieri

If an object is to be rotated, this will generally be around a single axis. In many cases, the desired rotation is a rotation around the z-axis. 

This rotation is generally performed in the floor plan. This is still, of course, possible with the familiar three-dimensional rotation. 

For planners wishing to have precise results, however, it was often faster and more accurate to enter the value in the dialogue via the keyboard. 

Not least if the rotation was to be based on a line in a CAD plan.

The new tool "Rotate around axis" now also offers the option of interactive use of CAD snap. 

Using this tool, you take the intermediate angle of the x-axis of the object and a vector by which the object is to be rotated. 

If an object is not to be rotated around its origin, a different point of rotation can be set prior to the rotation proper by keeping the Ctrl key pressed. 

Aligning a table to a CAD line with the aid of the CAD snap.

Aligning the luminaire to any desired line on the floor plan.

The "Rotate around axis" tool can also be used as a combined tool in conjunction with the "Place object" or "Move object" tool. 

This can be specified via the tool settings. The next figure shows the dialogue in which these options can be set.

Setting the "Rotate around axis" tool as a combined tool.

Setting this option means that each positioning or moving step is followed by"Rotate around axis"

If you wish to skip "Rotate around axis", you can do so by pressing the Esc or Enter key.