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Getting started

Kurt Bieri

Once the tunnel module has been activated, ReluxDesktop can be started and the Tunnel button selected from the start menu.

The start button for a tunnel project

The parameters in a tunnel project are controlled primarily via the Scene bar (project), ReluxTunnel ribbon and the Tunnel bar (properties). 

Scene bar (project) appear automatically on the left side of the user menu once you select project. 

Tunnel bar (properties) appear automatically on the left side as well selecting Properties. ReluxTunnel ribbon is the main tunnel calculation menu on the top of the layout.

Scene bar, Tunnel bar and ReluxTunnel ribbon

Scene bar (project) and Tunnel bar(properties) are Auto hide bars. 

The bars can be hidden as showed in the picture below. The ReluxTunnel ribbon is configurable pressing at any time with a right click in the mouse.

Scene bar (project) and Tunnel bar (Properties) hidden


By way of a guide, the parameters clicked in the Tunnel bar (properties) (marked grey) are explained right at the bottom.

Explanation of the concepts in dialog windows